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Welcome to Narayanam Gurukulam, the destination for fit body and still mind. I am Narayan Shah, the founder cum trainer of this academy. I have been associated with physical fitness since an early age of 35 years. Hence holding an experience of almost 35 years in this field, which includes 15 years as a renowned trainer. The only motive behind the establishment of this institution is to promote physical fitness to every class of the society. I would like to make this possible for, and affordable also to the financially backward section of the society who often strive for fitness but lack the appropriate guidance. I am here to guide You to the amazing world of fitness. So come join hands with me and let's make this world fit and healthy.

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Skilled Trainer

Specialized in Muay Thai, Kung-fu, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Karate, Aerobics.

Qualified Training

Certification affiliated from well-known recognized global bodies.

Extra Support

Double the frequency and intensity of practice for upcoming tournaments.

Words from Narayanam Gurukulam

Make Yourself More Powerful

I never dreamed for success,
I worked for it.

• Make success follow you.
• Guaranteed physical safety.
• Special meditation instructions for increased concentration & stable mind.
• Your success is our dedication with your cooperation and hard work.



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